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SubTech is a leader in providing service and support to the submetering industry.  Our services are offered to four customer bases: Read Bill & Collect companies (RBC), Privatized Housing, Multi-family Property Management companies & facility owners, and Developers of Multi-family & commercial property.



SubTech was founded by Dan Keller in 2000 offering limited services to Raab Karcher Energy Services; becoming Viterra Energy Services the same year. Assisting Viterra with the rapid deployment of Inovonics' Tapwatch system, Dan was introduced to the Hexagram STAR system, and various scan pad read systems with Viterra's acquisition of Atlanta Based Utiliread .

Putting SubTech on pause in 2003, Dan gained employment with Midway Services, Inc., a smaller R.B.C. with their own proprietary 418Mhz & 900Mhz submetering system.  Here Dan worked closely with RF Experts, Network Engineers, and IT personnel, while gaining additional insights into utility billing operations.

In 2005 Dan was recruited by Minol USA who at the time was the nation's third largest R.B.C. Dan managed the mid-Atlantic portfolio for Minol, comprising over half of Minol's total billable doors.  Here Dan gained exposure to not only operations management but also to SpeedRead and Quadlogic submetering systems, electric meters, timing devices, and gas submetering.

By 2006 there where over 110 billing companies in the United States. Dan recognized they would all need to compete on a national platform and would not be able to maintain the qualified workforce in house, thus resuming SubTech operations.

From 2006 on, SubTech has continued to grow, adding additional help, satellite offices, metering equipment, software, and establishing valuable relationships with R.B.C.s, property management companies, and vendors.



As our clients trusted business ally, SubTech provides the best solutions and service to ensure customers maintain leadership in the consumption-dependent billing of energy. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to provide customers with the support they need at a price to keep them focused on their business model. We deliver on our commitments, so customers can build strong relationships with their customers, achieve profitable growth and win in the marketplace.



SubTech is proud of the relationships we have  formed with our clients.  The repeat business and referrals

are testimony to the quality of service SubTech provides.  Please take a moment to read what some have said.

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