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Our suppliers have "new old stock," surplus, refurbished, and discontinued inventory to keep your existing submetering systems operating at peak performance.  SubTech can offer these parts at a fraction of what it would cost through other distributors or RBCs.  Furthermore, we can prepare your replacement parts here in our warehouse to be "plug & play,"  saving a costly service trip to your property.

Do not let your RBC or current service provider tell you that your existing submetering system must be updated, replaced, or is obsolete, without checking with SubTech first!  These business models simply cannot fix your system cost effectively.

Simply click on your meter type below to find compatible parts available.

Master Meter FAM

Hersey ER-1/ER-2


AMCO/ Elster C-700 DIGITAL

AMCO/ Elster V-100 (PSM-T)

AMCO/ Elster C-700 InsideR

Sensus PMX


ista Domaqua

AMCO/ Elster S-103 (5UM20)

Minol Minomess 130 Norgas Multi-mag Inovonics MetraMeter Badger Recordall Neptune/ Schlumberger T-10

Neptune T-10 PIT meter G4 Gallus 2000 Gas Meter Emon Resi-mon KWH Meter Norgas Run-Time Gas Module IMS Electric Mini-Meter

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