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Many property management companies have decided to bring there submeter billing programs in house for one reason or another.

Perhaps the size of your community is cost prohibited for the major RBCs, perhaps you choose to use an RBC hundreds of miles

away and can't get on site service and support.  maybe your company is considering implementing or making changes to a submetering program.  RBC or no RBC, property big or small, SubTech has cost effective solutions.


The infra structure of your submetering system is unique to your property. Careful planning and consideration was put into its layout. Experience has taught us that the success of achieving and maintaining 100% accuracy requires a relationship with the property. Knowing

the lay of the land; age, mechanics, topography, staff, and yes, your residents, all play a roll in the big picture.

From the point of read, to the time your resident receives their bill, the information has transformed and traveled hundreds of miles! Understanding these transformations and the flow of data to and fro, is necessary to maintaining accuracy and is unique to every property.

We can work with your R.B.C. and are attentive to the needs of you and your residents. With SubTech you and your R.B.C. will not be starting form scratch with each visit to a property.  To avoid repeat visits and interruptions to your residents, request SubTech for every service call.

If you do not have a R.B.C. SubTech has established all of the same distributorships and pricing comparable to the national R.B.C. companies.  most often the R.B.C. business model cost prohibits service and support to those without a billing contract.  Frequently, unless you meet a minimum door requirement they won't even be able to offer any help at all.

SubTech is here because we specialize in the technology behind the submetering system not billing. Our business model centers around this focus.

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For an up to date information packet detailing all SubTech services, coverage areas, and rates, or to obtain a quote, please email your request. You may qualify for a free property assessment.

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