On Site Meter Reading

SubTech provides fully trained submeter technicians when asked to acquire read data.  We use the latest in meter reading technology coupled with routing software thus automating the entire process; ensuring the right read is captured every time.  This procedure provides data impervious to human error and indistinguishable from RF Fixed networks and drive by read systems.

If you currently have a wireless system in place such as Aclara/ Hexagram, Inovonics, RAMAR, Master Meter 3G, Itron, SpeedRead, etc, SubTech can provide read data per request or on a regular basis.

Key Benefits

  1. Have fully trained technicians read your property; focused on accuracy not volume.

  2. SubTech uses the latest in meter reading technology providing all digital output; impervious to human error.

  3. The ability to read multiple meter types simultaneously.

  4. Errors are identified in the field; while there is time to address them!


Value Read by SubTech Brochure

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