SubTech is Honored to support our Nation's Finest!

SubTech is committed to Fight for our nation's troops who defend our very right to compete, and provide our services in a free market. It is an honor to support our troops using the expertise and knowledge that positioned us as leaders in the submetering industry.

What is Privatized Housing?

In 1996 Congress established the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) in efforts to help the military improve the quality of life for its service members by improving the condition of their housing. The MHPI was designed and developed to attract private sector financing, expertise and innovation to provide necessary housing faster and more efficiently than traditional Military Construction processes would allow. The MHPI are authorized to enter into agreements with private developers selected in a competitive process to own, maintain and operate family housing via a fifty-year lease.


What impact does Privatized Housing have on the Submeter Industry and how does this impact you?

Privatized housing introduces a new market for the industry. There are over 15 million federal facilities  required to be sub-metered under various federal initiatives. The military intends to privatize over 700,000 units over the next ten years and all units must be metered. This is a huge market where margins are higher than other markets today.  Additionally privatized housing presents a potential for decades long contracts.  One advantage of privatization is that you are not dealing with the government. Under privatization a Prime Contractor is given a 50yr contract in exchange for their agreement to rehab existing units & build additional housing. The billing company contracts with the contractor not the government.


As in traditional markets, a Prime Contractor providing services to the MHPI often chooses the lowest bid for services needed to fulfill the Prime Contractor's obligations.  Currently there is little regulation pertaining to submetering, submeter installation practices, or submeter billing programs.  Quality control becomes an issue and has long lasting implications that can take years to identify.


SubTech is familiar with the objectives of the Military Housing Privatization Initiative!

The family and friends of SubTech consists of combat  veterans from World War II, Korea & Vietnam.  Dan Keller, owner/ operator of SubTech, had the opportunity to overhaul the submetering installation at Fort Meade in efforts to expedite the mock billing program.  Dan's father lived on post at Fort Meade, while his father, a sergeant in the Army, was stationed at the base.  Fort Meade was one of the first Military bases to have a complete submetering system and begin mock billing in 2005.  Additionally SubTech has also provided services on Quantico, Ft. Eustis, Ft. Story, Walter Reed, and been a consultant with regard to Andrews & Mac Dill Air force bases.


SubTech is an advocate for the submetering system on any property where services are requested.  Our core business model is 100% accuracy, not a long term billing contract, but a long term commitment.  SubTech not only obtains and validates such accuracy on a daily basis but puts the SubTech name behind it! SubTech is witness to the benefits of privatization of our nation's military institutions.  We also believe we owe the men and women serving our country, who's families reside in these institutions, a commitment to be professional, accurate, and efficient.








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