Providing Cost effective Solutions for the R.B.C.

Due to the rising cost of our natural resources the demand for submetering has reached an all time high.  The RBCs, though benefiting from this and experiencing rapid growth as a result, are also faced with these same rising cost.  To keep up and compete in such a fast paced industry it is next to impossible to maintain the qualified workforce to support a nationwide business model.  SubTech is in the business of being a full-service, service department.  We do, cost effectively, what is not cost effective for your business to do.

As your trusted business ally, SubTech provides the best solutions and service to ensure you maintain leadership in the consumption-dependent billing of energy. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to provide you with the support you need at a price to keep you focused on you business model. We deliver on our commitments, so you can build strong relationships with your customers, achieve profitable growth and win in the marketplace.

          The SubTech Value

  1. Over 10 years experience in the Industry.

  2. Working Knowledge of virtually every automated system in the field.

  3. Services including Maintenance, Installation, Data Analysis, & manual reads.

  4. SubTech saves you money by decreasing the number of parts unnecessarily replaced.

  5. Our technicians are trained and utilize RF Field Strengh Analyzers to troubleshoot obsolete and proprietary AMR systems.

  6. Ability to cover a large geographical area at an affordable cost.

  7. No yearly service agreements required.


For an up to date information packet detailing all SubTech services, coverage areas, and rates,

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